Elnaz Hajtamiri: Man believed to be involved in kidnapping Ontario woman also suspected in Florida murder

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3 min readMay 8, 2024

One of the suspects involved in the kidnapping of an Ontario woman is now being hunted by U.S. Marshals in connection with a murder case out of Florida, according to CTV.

Deshawn Davis, who the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) announced as one of Canada’s Top 25 Most Wanted criminals, is now on the radar of the U.S. Marshals on suspicions he was involved in a nightclub shooting in May 2023, CTV says.

“We’ve also been working with the United States Marshals Service and the department of homeland security working together to in our mutual interest in locating Deshawn Davis,” said OPP Detective Inspector John Power.

Miami police are investigating a shooting that occurred around 4 a.m. on May 7, 2023 inside Gala Nightclub, which resulted in the death of Lo Grissom and injuries to two women, according to the Toronto Sun. Grissom was a local rapper in Miami who also worked as a talent scout for Chris Brown Entertainment.

Deshawn Davis (OPP)

The Sun adds that Miami police believe it was a gang-related shooting, and Grissom had been the target.

Investigators back in Ontario believe Davis is one of three men who, on January 12, 2022, posed as cops to pretend they had an arrest warrant for 37-year-old Elnaz Hajtamiri, an Iranian woman who immigrated to Canada. She had taken refuge at a relative’s home after an attack in her garage on Dec. 20, 2021 sent her to the hospital. The OPP believe this was the first kidnapping attempt.

Elnaz’s ex-boyfriend, with whom she had split from in Oct. 2021, has been arrested and charged for first-degree murder in connection with the case, according to the OPP. Mohamad Lilo, 34, has since hired the same defense attorney who represented infamous Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo.

The OPP have stated they believe Lilo was involved in both the frying pan attack and Elnaz’s abduction. He owns an international shipping container business, which police previously said complicated the case.

At least ten other people have been arrested in connection with Elnaz’s baffling disappearance, CTV previously reported.

Police believe Davis remains in the U.S. The Sun reports that Marshals think Davis escaped across the border, fled to Florida, and joined the gang in Miami. A $100,000 reward remains in place in Canada for any information about Elnaz’s disappearance, while the Marshals have issued a $7,500 reward for tips leading to Davis. It is considered a “major” case status.

“I would say to him that it’s best that he turn himself in and allow us to speak with him in regards to his involvement,” Powers said back in January 2024.

Both the Marshals in the Southern District of Florida and the Florida Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force are hunting for Davis, the Sun states, while they are collaborating with the USMS Investigative Operations Division Office of Canadian Affairs.

The Sun describes Davis as 6 feet and 175 pounds. He has brown eyes, black hair, and tattoos on his neck, forearms, and chest.

Elnaz Hajtamiri is a 37-year-old Iranian immigrant, who is 5’3” (160 cm) tall with a slim build. She has shoulder-length black hair, and was last seen wearing grey and black leggings and a long sleeve top. She was last seen on the day of the abduction: January 12, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. when three men dressed as cops dragged her into the white SUV and left. Hajtamiri also uses the surname Tamiri.

(Elnaz’s family’s Twitter page)

Anyone with information on Elnaz’s disappearance can contact the OPP or the dedicated tip line at 1–833–728–3415, or the U.S. Marshals at 1–877-WANTED-2 for information on the whereabouts of Deshawn Davis.

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