Excerpts from my book, “Beyond Dark”

Lavinia Thompson
10 min readOct 27, 2022

This is a bit of a different kind of post from me, straying from my true crime content to introduce you all to my love of fiction writing, and the mystery series I am writing, titled “Beyond Dark.” It follows Agent Alyssa Rawkesby, a criminal profiler tormented by her past traumas and a parent’s legacy she can never really shake. She also specializes in the psychology of female serial killers. Book one, “Belladonna”, finds her investigating a bizarre string of poisonings, and the killer’s profile and public taunts threaten to unleash Alyssa’s own unsteady history. Paired with a new rookie partner, she needs to keep from unravelling in order to solve this case and stop an ice-cold killer from making a public display out of another victim.

“Beyond Dark” started my obsession with female serial killers and it’s why I write about them here on Medium, sharing my book research and passion for criminal psychology. Come along for a few excerpts from my debut novel, “Beyond Dark 1: Belladonna.”

Excerpt 1: Meet Alyssa

May 20, 2016


Ottawa, Ontario

Sometimes the dead couldn’t get any peace. Across the street, yellow crime scene tape that cordoned off the alley overflowed with eager reporters and camera flashes. Alyssa sighed in the front seat of the car, hands draped over the steering wheel while in park, and turned off the ignition with the fading notes of an R&B song.

It was eight a.m. The speed with which reporters were willing to hop out of bed to attend a crime scene for that firsthand glimpse of the white sheet draped over a body never failed to surprise Alyssa. She shook her head as she pulled a compact mirror from the center console and fixed a lipstick smudge after drinking from her reusable steel coffee mug on the drive over. After touching up her mascara, she set the compact back into the center console, threw her chestnut-brown hair over her shoulder beneath her grey newsboy cap, and got out of the car.

The eyes of the crowd fell upon her with scrutiny and curiosity. Remaining stone-faced and unreadable, she steadied her gaze on the two detectives standing over a body covered in a white sheet. The press throng crowded the street and slowed morning traffic, causing…



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